GOMF – Well travelled throughout Sweden, the homeland of EDM … GOMF has drive. Relentlessly pumping out  massive content to fill the airwaves. Here is the full length stand alone version of the mix.

GOMF full length set…

FODOME – A stylish curator of true masterpieces. The notion of the Pseudo Igloo is not new to Fodome.  He was the Resident DJ at the Foley Dome in Aylmer Canada… not the vegetable one… the other Aylmer.

JON FORREST – Hailing from Montreal, Jon Forrest knows a fair amount about winter weather and all its magnificence. His refined taste and classic style make him a welcome guest at the Igloo on any occasion.

DJ BELLA ROSE – The Siren From Seattle is at it again. Rowdy as ever and showing no signs of stopping. We are not responsible for damages caused as a result from listening to her set ! Crank it !

NIEBO – Whether gathering the masses online or just playing for the sake of the music, top notch mixing is on the table. Niebo put the city of Atlanta back on the map …(after that rumour about it sinking beneath the sea)

Shawn Douglas – Igloo Architect and your host, Resident DJ of the Pseudo Igloo… Shawn Douglas. As a member of the duo Adoption Order, Shawn is constantly sourcing out new tracks and pushing boundaries.

Many thanks to all of the Guest DJs who have helped to make this possible. Special thanks to our host Shawn Douglas and to Robin Dumas of Sound Shield Studios for audio post-production.